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Bullshit at the Bar

Dicks are Dicks.  I wanna talk about feminist bullshit. Because I am a feminist. I was at the bar tonight. I’ll admit, I am drunk right now. But I’m also angry. Someone said something that really grinded my gears tonight. 

This quote is more of a paraphrase but I’m putting it in quotes…whatever…deal…

"You’re in a gritty place…you’re going to get hit on…he knows he’s not going home with either of you (probably, he says)…he’s now contributing to the conversation…you need to learn the difference between men and women." 

That kind of shit really pisses me off. The fact that he was bothering my friend so much that she had to leave the table is another story. But when you say that I should expect to be harassed at my favorite bar by anyone and that no does not mean no, IS a problem. It is a huge problem.

Why should a woman not be allowed to go out to have a good time, when a man can with no inconveniences. That is a true problem in society. Scoff all you want, but it is. And the way I dress should not be accounted for (for your info, I was fully covered head to toe in a long sleeve tee and tights under shorts…my friend was not revealing either…but that shouldn’t matter). I’m sorry men can’t “control their urges”. It reminds me of an episode of Downton Abbey in which they were speaking of such a matter in which “(again a paraphrase…but whatever) I can understand a man has his urges, but a woman who is not able to say no is a disgrace.” This is a story set at the turn of the century. The 20th century. It is sad to say that 100 years later we have not come so far. A women is still expected to say no while a man is allowed to have his natural “urges”. Even though science has proved us wrong.

It is a penis-controlled society, friends, and it sucks. Women are a minority, even though we make up more than half of the population. It’s because of this “traditional, home value” shit that is getting us down. Anything feminine is evil according to the bible, which teaches that Eve set the world into ruin when she listened to the devil and took that fruit from the tree of knowledge. My friends, that is a fairytale, made up by a male-driven world that only seeks to make you “barefoot and pregnant”. It’s ridiculous that that sort of thinking still rules the world, but it does.

And I’m sick of it. 

*Disclaimer. Any grammatical mistakes can be blamed on my impaired state. I’ll fix them tomorrow. The message still holds true. Wake the fuck up.